Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


I am combining two photography prompts in this post today – #FMSphotoaday and @Photothisweek

The first one 

11 o’clock and Day 12 of the June  #FMSPhotoADay

Today’s prompt reminds me of one of those questions the lawyer asks the accused, guilty until proven innocent a leading question, Mi! Talking of court scenes….no no…I won’t digress!

So the prompt for today is – 11 o’clock. What was I doing at 11 am or 11 pm? Very good question. With a very easy answer!

At 11 AM – I was enjoying a fab cup of coffee with biscuits

And at 11 PM – a mug of milk. You know how much I love milk! Yummy! And yes, my fetish for collecting mugs continues. If there were a prompt for a mug a day, I could ace it easily. Sigh!

The second one 

PhotoThisWeek – an initiative by  Jyothi Nair an amazingly enthusiastic blogger

Here’s the prompt: Photo This Week 2 (11th June to 18th June) Please share : “Your must click Moment this week!” 

And here is my must-click moment this week:

This adorable baby donkey nuzzling its Mommy. So sweet to watch the playful fella! I stood there enjoying the sight.

So that’s it for today, Mi. You and I have work in the kitchen, remember? Doing your favorite thing. Coriander chutney and curry leaves powder. Let’s go roast, fry and grind. 
And taste.
And enjoy.
I can dream, right?

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4 thoughts on “Elevenses.

  1. Lovely cups and lovely rituals at 11s. 🙂

    A priceless moment this is. Definitely a must click. Thank you for linking up with Photo This Week. And for the intro here. 🙂

  2. A very sweet must click moment but coffee and biscuits is the perfect way to spend your 11 o’clock

  3. Awww… that pic for photo this week is so cute. And I love that cycle mug! I would love to see your mug collection. Do the “mug-a-day” series next month! 😛

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