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Cute #FMSphotoaday Day 20

Let’s face it. Cute somehow always translates to babies and children for me. Who can resist a child’s giggle or a chuckle? And their laughter for no real reason?

Here’s some serious cuteness I captured when we visited Delhi – we were waiting at the airport. That baby – oh – she was so delightful. One thing that always works with babies is the game of hide and seek. All you have to do is hide your face in your hands and suddenly look at them – repeat – for a laughter saga. In spite of being sleepy, she kept bouncing up and down. And an hour magically went by in joy.

 But Mi – how can any talk of “cute” end without our own bit of cuteness? Remember this day? It was 3 am in the morning and the little prince was up – bright and cheerful. It always freaked us out how he woke up happy – it is the same to this day. We were planning to give him a hair cut and realized we hadn’t dressed him as Krishna. Quickly we put together all the stuff we needed and dressed him up. Only too happy – he readily cooperated. I just love this photo! I recently found this curtain he was so fond of in the cupboard and found that its lining needed mending as the stitch has come off. But I found the Murugan curtain and hung it up again at the entrance near the kitchen. It is amazing how this doesn’t run color, Mi. Must find a use for the Venkateshwara curtain too. Except we don’t really lock doors inside the house. Ah, what a good time we had in Tanjore, shopping for these after we visited that Palace! And? Naarthanga for Rs.10 for 6! Yummy!

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