Bright Day 7 June #FMSphotoaday

What is bright, Mi? Would you describe bright as:

The look on Vidur’s face when you gift him a book?
The smiles following food distributed at the Sai Baba temple on Thursdays?
Our eyes shining when you praise us for something?
The rainbow colors on the road when petrol mixes with water?
The blood spattered on my clothes after that accident? – ok..too gory
The lights that make our eyes squint when they come on after a powercut?
The sparks of light from the diamond earrings and the diamond nose stud you wore?
The traffic lights in our eyes when we are out for a walk after dinner?

The color of these chillies native to Sikkim?

This beautiful monastery where faith shines bright?
But the brightest has got to be the Nimbu Lamp we light at home.
And the infinite love I have for you in my heart.

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