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An Animal. Day 8 of the June #FMSphotoaday

Considering our penchant for visiting Zoos, I had a tough time picking a photo for today’s prompt: an Animal. So here are three.  I was so tempted to put up a picture of you know who…that animal who poses as a human being. Errrgh!

We saw this cute red panda at the Gangtok Zoo in Sikkim. Quite the poser. Waited patiently as we tried to get a good pic in the constant drizzle. He was joined by two more – who didn’t want to miss the fun.

This cool Cassowary is from the Chennai Zoo lives in one of the big bird cages. What a rich neck – with that permanent brilliant blue

And here is our very own Sunny. Grabbing a nap as customers leisurely browse silk sarees and antiques.


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  1. Beautiful pics. All three of them. And that blue colour on the bird is really a good color. 🙂

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