Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

When life hands us lemons

We are making a lot of lemon juice every day. Vidur seems to have inherited your love for this wonderfully refreshing juice. I add honey instead of sweetening it with sugar. We fondly remembered the first time he made it in school, adding about 250 grams of sugar to 500 ml of lemon juice – and how he and his team mates couldn’t figure out how to use the squeezer.

I remember how you loved to smell the lemon rinds – so fragrant and refreshing! It has been a while since we made a limbu garland. It has been a while since I met our flower lady. It has been a while since we made “kesari” although I’ve prayed that I will do a Sri Satynanarayana puja when Vidur’s 10th std results come.

Why aren’t you here for the results? It hurts so much. It is not fair.

We miss you every moment. Especially because we spend so much time in the kitchen.

You would be proud of me.


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Vidya Sury

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