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Treat, Not Trick

Dear Mi. You’d love the sight right now at home. While I do believe you’re watching, enjoying and laughing with us in spirit, I couldn’t help wishing you were here physically – oh, there are so many flowers! Two massive bouquets. So I had the pleasure of dismantling them and arranging them in vases. Ok..not vases, mason jars. These look better than vases, anyway. I no longer crave for that straight plain glass vase I used to covet at our Deviprasad’s store.
Sury was chief guest at Vidur’s school for the National Mathematics Year celebrations (oh, we’re so proud!) and on the first day, they gifted him a basket of flowers and a very cute Kashmiri wooden vase. Sury’s photo came in the paper. See:
On day two, it was a lovely Radha-Krishna wall-piece and another beautiful bouquet of yellow roses. And, not to miss the bondas and samosas which Vidur and I enjoyed. I even told Gopmama about it. Gopmama is posh – we don’t phone these days, we Skype instead – and it is so much fun, wish you were here! We see them on webcam, as they see us and it is all so very nicely real-time! 
Ah, cut back to those days when most letter-writing via snail mail was such a chore. Remember how, every weekend we had a list of people to write to – and got the inland covers and post cards together? I used to love making greeting cards for Diwali, Christmas and New Year, you know.
I am sorry to say, however, that Thangam P’ma is not doing well. She’s been in hospital for a month post-surgery with no improvement and we fear the worst. I am only thinking of how vibrant her personality is and what fun she used to be when she visited. I am sad to think she’s bed-ridden now and hardly conscious. How talented she is – who can forget her amazing aptitude for handicraft, embroidery and knitting? She was the typical turn wealth into waste.
Gopmama was lamenting that everyone is going one by one, leaving him alone. I felt very anguished to hear him say that. His hair is snow-white now as he has ditched hair dye – what lovely times we would have coloring his hair! After all, he is my childhood best friend and I am truly blessed for that.
How life changes, Mi. Nowadays I get books regularly for review from the nice folks at BlogAdda, and I am thinking, how much you would have enjoyed reading some of them. We would have discussed them, laughed over them and quoted parts we liked. If we particularly enjoyed a character a la Jeeva, it would have become part of our family vocabulary. I miss that so much.

Sigh. Navratri is starting next week and I am hoping to spruce up the home before that. Vidur is a big help – funny how life situations can accelerate growing up in some ways for children. With Vidur, it was your passing. Life dramatically changed and I think he has done a great job of adjusting.
I am blessed, as always.

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