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Sounds That Make Me Cringe

Well, actually the prompt was “What song makes you cringe when it comes on the radio (or iPad or Pandora or…) and why?” but I had to tweak it somehow. 🙂 because then the post would be over in one line and we can’t have that, can we? Aside from the techno genre, I can go with most things happily enough. Music is a mood-thing. Sometimes I enjoy hard rock, sometimes ballads, sometimes, hip-hop, a-Capella, demo tapes, rap….just about anything. Our house is always filled with our eclectic taste in music. The three of us have different tastes and enjoy all kinds of music. And you gotta admit music soothes, energizes, satisfies, delights!

But there are a dozen sounds that make me cringe. 

  1. Chalk on blackboard. Yes. Just thinking of it freaks me out
  2. Shouting in anger. Nothing is worth wasting so much energy over
  3. Cries of pain. My heart just responds on autopilot
  4. Whining, complaining 
  5. Know-it-all style yelling.Ugh.
  6. Bad-mouthing someone
  7. Constant criticism
  8. Nagging
  9. Dog howling
  10. Parent yelling at child
  11. Unwarranted sarcasm
  12. Curses

A dozen sounds I would rather hear:

Thank you, Ravi for this beautiful photo of a
Cormorant at the temple pond in Calicut

  1. My Mother’s voice
  2. Loving remarks
  3. Kind words
  4. Prayers
  5. Babies laughing
  6. Temple bells ringing
  7. Birds singing
  8. Music
  9. Praise
  10. Encouragement
  11. Raindrops
  12. Sound of pigeons pecking grain from my metal plate

What sounds do you love?

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