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So, Who Am I?

I am delighted to participate in NaBloWriMo this October and this is the prompt for Day 1. “Who Am I?”
What a profound question “Who Am I” And it would depend on who is asking, right? 
At home, I would be Daughter, Wife, Mom, Friend, Cook, Housekeeper, Finance manager…

Today, at work, I’d be Vidya Sury, Freelance Writer and Professional Blogger. Earlier, when I had a corporate job, it was Projects Trainee, Account Executive, Sales Manager, Regional Training Manager, Area Manager in a plethora of industries, progressing at a rapid pace at work.
I asked my friends what they thought of me, urging them to free their minds, tell it like it is and just let their hair down. I asked:
  • What do you love about me?
  • What do you hate about me?
  • What do you tolerate about me?
  • Remarks
and here’s what they said:

a/ I love your whacky, crazy, wicked sense of humour and I love that you don’t lose it even in tough times. I suppose maybe you do, sometimes, but it must be very rare. I remember chatting with you when you were going through really tough times, and you still had it in you to be wicked.  And from that, I love your optimism and your strength. I love your honesty in your chat conversations and your blog to your mom. I love the mix of the conservative, traditional and the surprisingly radical, unconventional.

b/ Love: The energy. The Positive attitude towards life.
Hate: The Non stop talking
Tolerate: The non stop talking
Remarks: What is the secret of your energy?

c/  Love: Your boyishness at the same moment maintaining your beauty.
Hate: Not able to meet as often as possible.

d/ Vidya is someone who believes in perfection. Being a  female has the qualities of multitasking and being patient. and as a working mother i think u have mastered the art of multitasking and juggling; one who wants to try each new thing life has to offer, love to explore new places,people and cultures. i think u like to dress up and look presentable always.

e/ “Vidya -intelligent articulate and she thinks.out of the box. A non conformist with a wacky sense of.humor. A good and trustworthy friend with whom carrying on the friendship is absolutely delightful and without any pressures! And she writes with her heart!”  

f/ “Responsive, cleaning freak, compulsive Coffee disorder, child friendly, thought freak, non-judgemental, experimentative…will that do?” 

g/“She is a wonferful, caring, friendly human being – one can be happy, lucky and proud to know and be known” 

h/ “Vidya according to me is: who believes in perfection. Being a  female has the qualities of multitasking and being patient. And by being a working mother I think u have mastered the art of multitasking and juggling. one who wants to try each new thing life has to offer, love to explore new places, people and cultures. u like to dressup and look presentable always.”

i/ “She is an intelligent & caring person. In all these years of association, I have always found her to be proactive and committed to the tasks assigned. She is pleasant, friendly & easily gets along with people. Her memory is remarkable & she is able to recall numbers, subjects etc.”  
Enough, eh? Friends with benefits? Oh yes. 🙂 Thank you, folks!

I am grateful, because more than who I think I am, my heart feels nice and cozy to hear what the people I love think of me.

Love, Vidya

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Vidya Sury

Writer, Editor, Blogger, Influencer. I blog/create content for businesses and edit manuscripts for authors and publishers. On my blogs, I write about all the things I enjoy in life: parenting, personal development, health and wellness, books, food, travel, gratitude, mindfulness, happiness. In my free time I play with my dust bunnies and show my diabetes who's boss.

One thought on “So, Who Am I?

  1. ” Who Am I ? ” is more incisive and interesting, when you transcend the levels of roles played by one as related to one’s family, society or profession.
    Long ago, indeed some three decades ago, when I was requested by an enlightened audience, to give an extempore lecture on the same topic, in just ten minutes’ time, albeit camouflaged under a more interesting banner, HALF AN HOUR BEFORE A MIRROR, I dealt this question .
    When U see the mirror before you see your present physical frame. But recapture from your mind, recollect that Sury whose photo taken 30 years, 20 years, and 10 years from now, and ask the question, if all these are the Same sury, when who am I.
    Am I the physical frame, which I see just in front, OR
    the transcient physical frames for the last several decades, which have disappeared from all present relevance.
    If you extend the logic, it reveals that there is something in U and Me that continues uninterrupted from the day ( or the moment ) when we are born and despite the ordeal journey through the perplexities or viscititudes of human life, remains in us till the day He calls us home.
    And possibly it is that which we can boldly said, I am that.
    subbu rathinam
    @ suryanarayanan

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