Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Lunch Minus One

You know we talk about you as though you are amid us, which you are, in our thoughts and in everything we do, simply because you taught me most of the things I know. And today, I felt all choked up as I made the brinjal curry and nimbu rasam. I had a tough time controlling the tears, recalling our lovely lunches every day. How, at 12.30 pm we would simultaneously chime “lunch bell!” and settle down at the table, enjoying the program on TV as we chattered nonstop. Remember how we would both be shocked at the level of the rasam after we were done with lunch? I loved our dilemma about whether to turn the brinjal into rasam or just make it into a nice deep fried curry. Yum.

By the way, we bunked Gokulashtami yesterday because Vidur wanted to celebrate it tomorrow – being a holiday. I was telling him how much we loved appam on that day even though the basics were aval, jaggery, butter, milk and curd. We especially relished the vella cheedai and uppu cheedai. He wants murukku also this time. Since Sury is not well, I am just going to outsource the cheedai murukku. I remember how Paati made all these:

Hmm. I was also telling Vidur how we would soak his feet in arisi maavu to create the trail of Krishna’s footsteps from the front door to the Puja room, so that the new born Krishna could eat all the goodies we made. During my childhood, I remember staying awake so I could see Krishna coming by. Later, as I grew up, we’d watch late night movies. I recall one phase when I would sit and sketch to stay awake. You know I am the Queen of ZZZ..

Of late, I’ve been feeling much sleepier than usual. Could stem from the fact that I sleep rather late – 12.30, even 1 am sometimes and am up at 6 am. Too little sleep. I do try to make up during the day, but you know how happening that is. In spite of my schedule I do manage to doze a little. My zzzzz points are 12 noon and 6 pm. These days we push off to the terrace for a walk together. The weather is chilly and unpredictably rainy.

I wish I had listened to you all those days when you kept cajoling me to take care of my hair. Gosh, the hairfall really freaks me out, Mi. I guess I should apply that Methi paste like I used to, before. I have quite a bit of grey, too. Feels funny to think of the time going by.

These days, I am rather surprised to see myself really enjoying cooking. I find it very soothing, and totally get  why you found it so therapeutic. I do, too. What’s more, I also find it easy peasy to get creative – and each time I do something out of the box, I I have a mental picture of you smiling at me with pride.

You are, aren’t you? I know you are.

And always will be.

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