Happy Mother’s Day

“God could not be everywhere, so he made Mothers”

I love this photo because Vidur is also in it, tucked away in my tummy. Do you see two happy Mummies in the photo?.Yes, I was three months pregnant – indulged in a wonky hairstyle and was back in Secunderabad to wind up our life in this city and take Mom back with me to Mumbai. Oh, I just love her smile in this photo.

I love my Mom. I miss her. She loved to hear me sing this song:


Mother of mine you gave to me,
all of my life to do as I please,
I owe everything I have to you,
Mother sweet Mother of mine.

Mother of mine when I was young
you showed me the right way things had to be done,
without your arms where would I be,
Mother sweet Mother of mine.

Mother you gave me happiness,
much more than words can say,
I thank the lord let me breath with you,
every night and every day.

Mother of mine now I am grown
and I can walk straight all on my own,
I’d like to give you what you gave to me,
Mother sweet Mother of mine.

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