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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

A favorite tune

When we hear Talat Mahmood, you are obviously in our thoughts and we talk about which songs are your favorites. Very hard to choose when it comes to Talat – still!. Here’s one song you always enjoyed hearing:

I am trying my best to be a creative cook, Mi. Last night I panicked about what to give Vidur in his school dubba because we hadn’t discussed it. I became pareshaan. Thing is, he hardly has any lunch when he carried sandwiches and stuffed parathas. So I decided that the best solution has to be to pack more. After all, what is better than children enjoying food? That was a very “you” thought 🙂 because immediately – it occurred to me that you would have done something similar.
So today, instead of aalu paratha, I made carrot-onion-coriander paratha. I think it will be nice. I grated the onion and the carrot so that the dough would turn out smooth with only flecks of carrot. It is the red carrot season and I am remembering all the times you would just love to grate and have it. We would even use it in veg pulao for the lovely color. Sigh.
Two days back I made kathrika curry and it turned out just the way you love it. Made me think of our 12.30 lunch bell and how you would be surprised to see that lunch was ready in less than half an hour. Well, you were always the expert and I think I had a wonderful teacher in you!
I was laughing to myself this morning – stuffed paratha for Vidur and bhindi curry and plain parathas for Sury. It later occured to me that both could have taken the same lunch – had I not gone ahead and cut the bhindi from routine!
Maybe I do have a bit of you in me when it comes to cooking, Mi! At least I am happy to experiment!
Miss you. The day after tomorrow is Pongal/Sankranti and this will be our second without you.

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