Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


Just about describes my state of mind now. Mi, I battled for two weeks, trying to get the building manager to understand that there’s a pipe leaking and the irritating thing is steadily soaking the wall of the pc room and verandah. Finally I got him to come check and he left with the promise it would be attended soon. Well, as we all know, “soon” is a relative term.

But it did happen sooner than I expected, amid much teasing and laughter from Sury. Murphy’s Law you know. We seem to live it sometimes. Anyway, our friend Sid came and checked. And said he’d be back “soon”. Again, this time “soon” meant four days.

And now, the verandah is a mess with the grill off the piping area, and that duct open all the way from the terrace to the basement. Funny it is. The guys have changed the pipes that were corroded and leaking. This time instead of the cast iron pipes, they’ve installed pvc pipes. In fact, the pipe fixing was done in a jiffy. What delayed the job was the availability of the residents of all the floors. I work from home, and so I was available. But the first floor walas weren’t there – so that drags the job over to today and tomorrow. So irritating.

What the situation is?

Hmm. I’ve been sprinting from the front door to the back door. Millions of times, or so it seems like. The problem with the messy verandah and the trail of cementy footmarks all over the place is driving me nuts too. Remember that bathroom makeover, Mi? Errgh. Oh well. Same guy. Different job. So now am looking at many more hours of this happening. Finding it so hard to focus on work. How can I do it efficiently when I keep getting up every ten minutes? The prob is they have to walk right through the house to get to the verandah. Oh well. Hopefull it will all get over in another couple of days. Not that they always stick to the promised deadline. And not that I can always set my watch to their punctuality. Ha.

In the mean time, Vidur is ultra-busy with his school events. They had KV Foundation Day and this will be followed by Annual Day tomorrow. Busy practicing and performing. They had gone to KV Hebbal yesterday and were there all day. He went at 8 and returned at 6.30 pm. Long day for him. Hopefully today he’ll be back home at the usual time since they have full dress rehearsal today. Tomorrow is the big day.  We were talking about the various annual days we both have accompanied him to, landing up far earlier than everyone else so we could “help” dress the kids.You used to enjoy school events so much.

By the way, they have a very dynamic new principal this year. We had a parents-teacher meeting the day before yesterday and it went quite well. With the usual what-nots.

And I am still playing langdi over the house cleaning. Getting more and more like the Holy Grail for me. Gimme strength, Mi. Sometimes I feel the age. On top of all this, trip to Madras. Can you say I lead a boring life?

By the way, I skipped the second round of coffee. First-ay thadhingina-thom most days. All my fault.

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