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Life’s little gifts

Depending on how we look at it, some things are good and some things, not so good. I am so not looking forward to a trip we have to make, but we’ll do it anyway, to get it over with. Moreover, wouldn’t want to waste money cancelling the tickets. My crazy mind things, imagine how may Seva Sadan meals that could cover! Like that.

But let’s talk about some nice things. Vidur’s school annual day was great – he took part in the Carnatic music song – so cute, considering he’s learning Hindustani classical no? The programs were superb and we returned home quite happy the way things turned out. Of course, Vidur kept on practicing wearing the dhoti in the traditional style and look pretty great when he wore the final event costume.

Vidur Sury 17.12.2011

I clicked a quick photo as soon as he got dressed. That backpack looks like he’s attached to it permanently! :-). Reminded me of another time when they got ready made dhotis. The size was too small for him and I had to attach it to the hem of a pair of shorts to make it look normal under the kurta. So funny.

By the way, Sid hasn’t turned up to complete the piping/plastering work. Are we surprised? No. Really.

Yesterday I made coriander chutney. The coriander was so fresh and the leaves shone so healthily, I had wave after wave of nostalgia, thinking of how you would tirelessly make chutneys of pudina, coriander, curry leaves…roasting lentils, cleaning the bunches of leaves and lovingly putting the ingredients together so we could all enjoy the healthy flavors.  I also remember how I would always scold you for hurriedly converting the fresh leaves into chutney, and then realizing we hadn’t left any for garnishing while cooking :D. And I’ve lost count of the number of times and the number of people you have gifted this to. Not that the acknowledgments or appreciation is pouring in – still. Fact remains you gave and gave and gave.

My blood is boiling over many things I cannot write here, Mi. I guess Vidur is going to be my best friend now to  talk to. Amazing how he always has great advice. Out of the mouths of babes eh?

Sigh. Another Christmas. Another year. 2012 is around the corner. I have to go to Seva Sadan and make the payment for this year’s contribution to food, medical supplies and all that. 

Weird to think we’re getting older. Sigh.

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