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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Good news, Sad news

The good first. This November 23 was a different kind of birthday for Vidur. He was keen on going to the Angala Parameshwari temple on Magadi Road. We did, and oh boy, you should have seen how they’ve renovated the place. Amazing. The huge cutout that used to freak Vidur out is no longer there; they’ve removed it, it seems. But we had a nice time. The poojari at the inner sannidhi turned out to be a nice guy and allowed us to click photos to glory, much to Vidur’s joy. 
Vidur Sury – 23.11.11
Uh oh – that camera’s battery has messed up again!
We also made our ritual trip to the bookstore. I have to tell you, I felt blessed that Vidur has such nice interests. He was mighty thrilled about the books he bought. There is a Crossword branch now in Sadashivnagar, so after we went there, we headed over to Sapna bookstore, followed by Pizza Hut for dinner. Then we left-right-ed it home. You know how easy it is to get transport back from there! All in all, a happy day was had by all.
But the day before, we had sad news. Revati’s mother passed away. We went and visited them and talked for a while. Sigh. These things are never easy.
After much procrastination, I decided I’d go give my bike for servicing. Yet again, I should have delayed it by another day because – drumroll  – the mechanic was out of town and expected back tomorrow. With an evil grin, I came back home, recalling how you would tease me about the good outcome of my delays. So funny.
Yesterday, I started the process of shifting Vidur’s clothes to the bigger cupboard. Emptying it is a massive job. I have only just cleared the sarees from it. As I folded each one and put it away in the steel cupboard, I fondly recalled all the  memories associated with buying the saree, fixing the fall and our tussle over who should wear it first. Then I remembered you telling me, more recently, that I should wear them all at least once, wash them and store them again as it is not good to keep clothes folded for years and years. So I decided that starting today, I’ll wear a saree to the weekly meeting. Which still means I am stuck at four a week. Errrgh. Let me see what I can do.
It is time I started cleaning out all the shelves one by one since most of them have been neatly arranged for years now. Time to review and nikaalo stuff. We had been planning to clear out one particular cupboard for months and now, it is years. Suddenly I think, what’s the point of accumulating all this stuff? I really ought to clear out stuff. I will.
I woke up this morning with a solid headache and now I am wondering whether I should make a cup of coffee.
Okay, I will.

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