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Smiles minus one

After that exciting day in July when Vidur’s braces came off the doc told us our next appointment was a year later. A year! I thought. Sounded too good to be true. And admiring Vidur’s smile, which is always endearing to me, we got on with life.Only to discover a few weeks later – in Aug – that two of the aligned teeth were losing their alignment. Of course I panicked. The first thing I did was phone the doctor’s office, for who better to talk to? The doc wasn’t around. In fact, he was away and expected back only in the end of September. So we made the first available appointment and waited. Because, what was scary was the fact that each day, these two teeth were regressing. A little more by the minute.

Finally, we did go to the dental clinic to visit the orthodontist and he checked Vidur’s teeth. He told us that since four teeth were removed before the dental braces were fixed, there was always a possiblity of the two misaligned teeth to regress. Not encouraging. So, what next, I thought. It turns out that Vidur must wear a removable clip constantly, except while eating, brushing teeth and singing. What A pain. Sounds like the braces were a better idea. Maybe they came off too soon, I thought secretly. We all know how hard it is to argue with a specialist. Quite like lodging a valid complaint only to make things worse.

Oh well. He got the clip fixed yesterday, and now we’re hoping and praying everything works out okay this time. As though this weren’t enough, he’s also got a bad cold, and school reopens tomorrow. Grrr. Who said adolescence was easy?

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