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Come, September

My Mom liked that tune. A lot. I used to find it boring because somehow, no matter what event or function it was, there was a sure chance that this song would be played.  Hmm…having said that, I realized it is only in my head now and I haven’t heard it for – yikes – decades! Funny how these things form an impression. The other day, during our weekly meeting, there was upma. And I recall that a couple of the members didn’t like it and refused to eat it. I ate it, of course and quite liked it. I also realized, that although am not a big fan of certain things, once in a while it is quite okay to have them; who knows, might start liking them again! 🙂
Rava Upma
Image courtesy: Surf India
My Mom loved rava upma. We made it for breakfast almost every morning during her last 2-3 years with many variations. It was healthy, easy to eat and tasted good. With all her medications, it was important to have a decent breakfast – so we alternated between idlis and upma because these were the easiest for her to eat.  Occasionally, she had oats, but didn’t like it much. Nor was she a big fan of bread. On days when Vidur was at home for breakfast, we would make semia upma (Vermicelli upma) and he would call it “paati noodles” as against “mummy noodles”. 
My Mom got very excited when it was September for various reasons. One, it is my birthday month. Two, big festival month with Navaratri usually beginning towards the end or early October. We would plan to do some major cleaning up at home and simultaneously she would plan what to get me for my birthday. Each time we went out, we would shop and buy clothes. No wonder I love clothes. I also give away a lot of stuff, which is the redeeming factor, I suppose. 🙂 But oh, I just love to buy clothes. When I was much younger, my uncles freaked out shopping for me – buying loads of clothes. It was never one – it was always at least six or eight sets of dresses, frocks, pants, sarees, salwar kameez – whatever I happen to be wearing at the time.
Lovely days.
So another year goes by…and tomorrow is Vidur’s big day at his music school. More about it later.

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