Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

And what a wonderful day it was!

Yesterday, we had a fabulous time at the Music function organized by Vidur’s music school. We had the pleasure of hearing him perform live, after listening to him practice for hours and hours at home. He sang Raag Miya Malhaar. I loved it. Everyone loved it. But although we all felt he sounded great, he thinks he was not a 100%. Oh, the perfectionist.

Vidur on stage singing Raag Miya Malhaar

Me, I basked in the glow only a happy Mom can bask in – and really wished many times my Mom was there to hear him. The texture of his voice has changed over the years, and since I am the sentimental sort who will keep listening to old home video recordings – I could see the natural transition. How children grow – so quickly!

As I recorded the video of his performance, many times my eyes were wet when he sang a particularly tough part and I willed my tears to go right back because I was sitting in the front row and did not have a tissue ready to wipe them off. I don’t know what it is – but each time I hear a group performing, or Vidur performing, and certain songs – I get very emotional and want to sob. Well, apparently I am not alone because I’ve seen others feel that way. 🙂

We had a beautiful day yesterday.

I am really glad he has a great teacher and we are so lucky he is being tutored by her. But there are also Online Colleges that have music classes for people who love music.

Vidur and I. Okay – that’s a well-deserved cuppa in my hand

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