Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

What’s cooking?

Besides spring onions, lots more.  By the way, I don’t know why I assumed that cutting spring onions will not make the eyes water as much as cutting actual onions. Obviously I was wrong. Eyes water while cutting both spring onions and the regular onions. And chewing gum while cutting onions does NOT make your eyes water less. I tried it.

But there’s a much bigger tip there that my Mom once read somewhere and told me – how to get the smell of onion to disappear from your hands? Rub them against the side of a stainless steel surface. It really works. So – it also works to get various other smells off your hands :-).  So steel has a one-up on soap and water, which are complementary.

I’ve been spending more time offline these days and sitting at the computer only to work. That mailbox can be such a distraction especially for an information junkie like me who wants to read everything at once. Screws up the focus big time, pretty badly. So I am trying to get some proper time management in, but it looks like it will take time. Also, have been busy meeting friends and spending time with them, and it has been such a wonderful couple of weeks. Like my Mom would say, what can be better than having the family you love, loving the work you do, and being enveloped in the warmth of friends you’re fond of? Can’t think of anything right now 😉

Sadly, last week, our favorite star Shammi Kapoor passed away. We’ve been immersing ourselves in Shammi Kapoor songs whenever we could – all those evergreen hits – almost every song was one. And it is such a treat always to see his unique dancing style. C’est la vie. Of course, we’re pretty sure he’s dancing in heaven there – and Mom, don’t forget to hi-five Shammi when you see him, okay? You might also learn a few moves from him to enhance all that dancing you did for Vidur 🙂 There is nostalgia, kicking in again.

It has been rather wet weather the last few days and although getting drenched in the rain is fun, well, the cleaning up afterwards is not so exciting when everything feels somewhat damp and dank. Then, there’s the fun part watching the windows to see if the water is flowing in anywhere. Reminds me of that Text Book Press Colony pad where we had to literally channel out the water, thanks to Vinay’s timely appearance and help! That was some experience! Then Raman, where the living room windows were like a waterfall until we had the beading replaced and sealed them. It was always funny how, each time Mom and I traveled by train, there would be some water puddle around. If not the rain, someone would spill or drop their water bottle. And I’d end up stacking our luggage on the top rack and sleeping with it.

Coffee time, folks.

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