Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Ok, Fate, What next?

Got up this morning
Lit the lamp, prayed to God
Heated water for my coffee filter
Put hand in milk tray to find leaking packet, tray full of milk
Had extra milk packets, so no panic. 
Went ahead with the morning’s chores, thinking will deal with spill (contained in tray) at leisure after Sury and Vidur left.
Switched on geyser. It phut-phuted and the lights went off.
Ran downstairs to locate watchman, and flip the trip switch. 
Our meter is two floors away at the main electrical board, which is kept locked
Lights came on – and I unplugged geyser to avoid switching it on accidentally.
Cooked lunch – easy, because it was idlis today. Packed boxes. 
Dropped Vidur at school. Sury went off to work.
Went to the supermarket to get a couple of essentials and returned home
Called electrician who promised to come by around 12

Sat to work around 9.15. so much to do. The research for one project took way to long yesterday as there wasn’t much information available 

Then, at 11.30 my tummy rumbled – and arrrrgh, I remembered the milk tray. Yikes!

Cleaned it out and the doorbell rang. Shut the stove off  and opened to be pleasantly surprised by the plumber….at it was barely 12.15. He opened up the geyser – found coil damaged, needed replacement. The bathroom became a big mess since he drained the storage water tank  and all the sediment fell out. sigh. He went to get the new coil to replace. 

I thought, okay, I’ll wash it later when all the work’s done.

While I waited, I finished my half eaten idlis and made some coffee, thinking, it is just the kind of day that gets your schedule all muddled up.

The electrician returned, fixed the geyser and I rushed out to get Vidur back from school. Just as we returned, the heavens opened and poured forth. Lucky we didn’t get caught in that. Later, Sury got back and decided to go to the doctor. Got antibiotics. And we spent a rather subdued evening with heavy rains.

I thought, Ok Fate, what next?

Woke up this morning, lit the lamp, prayed to God, got the coffee going, and since 6.45 am, Vidur has been sick at both ends. As I sat with Vidur, while he puked and had the loose motions, he talked about “How Paati would do this, say that”….and as usual, for him, love conquered all.

23.11.2005 Vidur and Mom
It is 9.30 am…and I am still praying that this too shall pass.

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