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Music for my soul

I usually like to listen to music as I work. And of course, I have my set of favorites, thanks to YouTube and my own digital library. Today, I was looking for a particular song because it was occupying my head – and in the process, browsed through our Home Videos folder where we have various video clips of Vidur and Sury singing, some school programs, Vidur’s solo performances and so on. 
I had the urge to listen to all of them and I must say, I feel so blessed. It is very interesting to see the way Vidur’s voice has been changing. For example, in one of the video clips where he’s performing at his music school’s annual function, in Sept 2009, his voice is like a bell and he’s hitting high notes like a piece of cake. He’s temporarily somewhat sad that right now, his voice would break if he hits a high note. Growing pains.But not for long, because it is a natural process for that voice to change.

The older videos – 2006 and so on are so endearing. Sadly, prior to that we only have photos and a few cassette recordings. But hey, my head is live with warm memories. Vidur is the kind of kid who’ll instantly oblige when asked to sing. My Mom really loved that – and the two of them have spent countless wonderful moments, singing together, dancing together and learning new songs from each other.

Thank God for memories! They are such an instant “upper”!

VidurSury saying goodnight Jan 10, 2006

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