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With a friend almost due to deliver her baby last week, we had the brilliant idea of supplementing her baby-stuff with Vidur’s stroller and baby bath tub, which, thanks to my Mom were neatly preserved, wrapped in plastic and a nine-yard saree, so it wouldn’t have any moisture-related problems. When Vidur outgrew them we packed them off into the attic, to be forgotten for several years. The hassle with having so much storage space! 
Well, apparently, as my Mom would say, “their name was written on it” by the celestial hand – a thing will go to someone who is meant to get it – that sort of thing. And so, in a trice, I retrieved it from the back of the attic and presented it to the friend. Feeling pretty good. Naturally, looking at it set off so many happy memories. 
Goodbye, Pram!
My Mom chose the stroller. We, of course, bought it after Vidur was born. Blue and red were the colors available, but Mom would obviously choose red, since it was her favorite color. Until Vidur was about a year old, he enjoyed sitting, bouncing in the pram. Thing is, most of the time the front part was let down so he could swing his feet. Also, he grew fast – and it was a great idea only until he could walk. And then, he would only want to walk. We’d take the pram out with us, just in case he got tired, and wanted to be carried. If he got tired and wanted to be carried, chances were he’d sleep off and neither of us had the strength to trudge back home carrying a sleeping baby. Another exciting thing was – during our walks we had the tendency to shop – and found the pram useful that way. Trolley that we could wheel all the way home. 
Those were lovely times. I have loads of pictures of those years. I should get around to scanning them. That potty underneath the pram was a big joke. We bought it because we thought it would be a good idea. However, Vidur had other ideas. He’d go off into peals of delightful laughter if we made him sit on it. He preferred to use the regular potty. It was so funny. This potty only served the purpose of him pointing out to it when he wanted to go. Then he would expect to be escorted to the real potty. We got a child-seat for it. He would sit on it and place his feet on a stool, because they didn’t quite reach the ground.
What stories we would have reminisced about if Mom had been here now while giving the pram away!

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