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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


Yesterday was a momentous day. Vidur’s braces came off. Yep! No steel when he smiles. Just teeth. Nice straight set of teeth. Just as the braces took some time to get used to, so will the braceless teeth. And its so funny – he’s gotten used to being careful – and had to work hard and consciously avoid doing so many things as per doctor’s instructions…now he’ll have to learn to be normal.  Oh, so senti!
These days I’ve begun to have internet-fatigue. Okay…so I really love my work – but I yearn for the times when I can hold a book and read…and laze the evenings away, other than doing those essential things like dinner and stuff.  What with all the Twitter/Blog/Facebook focus – it becomes so addictive. Oh, I don’t want a virtual life, beyond the one that’s mandatory for work. The blogging and the writing are fun, as are the occasional tweeting – convenient thanks to doing it direct from the browser. Other than that…a real life anyway.

Vidur and I were drooling over the pictures of some quilts yesterday…and I suddenly had the urge to start a patchwork quilt. Reminded me of the time we were obsessed with making quilts. There was one I stitched with Vidur and another kid jumping over it on the floor. Crazy! Then later, he systematically removed most of the stitches! It was so hilarious – we used to wonder what he was quietly doing lying on his stomach on the bed…and Mom realized he was meticulously pulling out the stitches! What lovely memories.
Yesterday I also met Anita after a while and we spent the morning together. It was wonderful. On the way back home I felt so blessed to think we’ve known each other for about twenty years now and I remembered all the lovely times we’ve had.

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