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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


Beginning with last Saturday.
We were privileged to attend Rakshanya Sekar’s Arangetram and had a lovely time.  To add to the pleasure, we met Arunji, who was the Chief Guest for the function. When Rakshanya’s mom came home to invite us, I was completely mesmerized by the Invitation brochure. Yes, brochure, not card. What gorgeous photography! Well, that’s one card – brochure – I am going to keep all my life, as I told her. 
Rakshanya Sekar
See what I mean? Couldn’t scan the brochure, so I got this photo of her off the internet from an announcement of the event. God bless her.
On another note, our Vidur has been one busy guy with school stuff, music class stuff and exams. He’s Vice Caption of his House (for Boys) and Cultural Secretary for his House.. They have one each for Girls and Boys. Nice succession and management hierarchy. 9th std kids are “vice”captains. Of course, school captains are from Std.12. The other house captains are from Std.10 and 11 for various things. The nice thing about KV is they try to give as many kids as possible – the opportunity to participate in everything. In spite of that, Vidur was a little sad he didn’t participate in the solo singing. 🙂 The rough with the smooth eh?
Ah – I had to take a nice long break there for a marathon phone call with Uma catching up over the tensions of the past month. So nice. I love how we jive. for that kaapi now.

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