These carrots reminded me of Mom and I missed her very much. She loved carrots. So did I – but I hate them cooked…unless they’re part of another dish. I prefer them raw, a la Karamchand…but she just loved carrots anyhow.

  • Steam cooked and garnished with curry leaves, coriander leaves, mustard seeds and green chillies
  • Carrot halwa (sweet)
  • Grated carrot with coconut, a dash of lime juice, salt, mustard seeds and coriander/curry leaves
  • In vegetable rice/pulao
  • In avial – yum!
  • In sambar
  • In salad

Vidur used to love them as a child – now for over a year he hasn’t been able to eat crunchy stuff thanks to those braces. But now that they’ve come off, he’ll start enjoying them again.

Avial – reminds me of Tanu – and those wonderful days we would have lunch together at home with avial – vetha kozhambu – vendekka curry. And lots of ghee. And lots of coffee. And lots of eardrum splitting music. And a very very very tolerant Mom. 🙂

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