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Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

And life goes on

I can’t believe we’re in mid-July already in 2011. Okay – so what is not to believe? We already know that time and tide do their thing without bothering the least bit about anything else. Life seems so rushed these days that I sometimes lose focus and feel scatter-brained. No major bloopers 😀 but its a strange feeling not to be organized, at least inside my head.  Just have that feeling of too much to do and too little time. And of course, the solution, as always, is within.
Am working on it!
Work is a happy place – and I love it. But thanks to the various distractions, some within and some out of my control, I manage to sit up late these days so I can check that day’s stuff off.  After all, deadlines are sacred. But I realize that I needn’t stay up late to work, if I manage my time a little better. I’d rather lounge and relax and watch “Crime Patrol”…a true-incidents type police procedural. Very interesting. Airs 11 pm at night. 
Then there’s the ultimate in relaxation – our very own Lieutenant Columbo – (may his soul rest in peace – he passed away on June 23, 2011
Ahh, Just one more thing!
Luckily, we have the whole box set featuring all 12 seasons – and it is truly wonderful to watch this brilliant Peter Falk portraying Lt. Columbo from the LAPD. Ah, how I wish Mom was around – she would have simply loved the series, with her love for crime/law/medical thrillers.  Especially addicted to “court scenes” – and we miss her when we watch Adalat on Sony. Sigh.
We got the ‘taal mala’ for Vidur – and soon they’ll be busy practising for their annual event – time has flown. Last week we chose some photos to be printed, so we could make a collage out of them…and had such fun looking at old pix of Vidur. Brought home even more strongly by Sharifa’s picture of her sons at a playground, when they were little boys. Oh, time does seriously move on wings.
Is that really Vidur?

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