New school uniforms
New school shoes and socks
New bag
New books
And a whole new outlook to the new academic year. Ok – almost new academic year, because at KV, the students have already had a little over a month in the new class. They break for the summer vacation with loads of homework. Seems like loads, but isn’t really, considering they have 50 days to finish it. Not that everyone does – if the constant phone calls Vidur gets are any indication. ๐Ÿ˜€ The fun that is school life! I am sure happy that I am still in touch with some of my school mates.ย 
Which reminds me – I must scan that poem and post it on Facebook. Was so exciting to see all those autographs posted by Pratibha from our school teachers.
I so miss my Mom at this time – because she was great at building up the excitement of school re-opening day, and good-natured-ly nagging Vidur to get his bag filled according to the time table, and getting all his homework ready for submission. Then she would go on and on about how much we will miss him, because suddenly the house would go so quiet. We would miss the daily sounds of Vidur moving around, enjoying his activities and the chatter. Gosh – I am going to face that this year, again without Mom. I, of course love how Vidur goes on about how he’ll miss me too and lamenting that the holidays got over too soon. ๐Ÿ˜€
Like last year, we got his uniforms from Shubashree – what a relief. We had planned to go to TDShah but that didn’t work out because they did not have ready uniforms and I certainly didn’t fancy spending the next ten days worrying, fretting and running around the tailor’s shop.
And so – school starts again tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚ Class 9. Phew!! And we’ll be back to the grind and routine of school life.