Eerie silence

This is an annual ritual. No, actually it is something I go through each time Vidur returns to school after a break – and it applies to summer, winter, autumn break and any other more-than-4-days kind of break. It is so easy to get used to him being around at home – the constant conversation, the friendly arguments, the earnest sharing of tidbits of info by him about his happy hobby, his calling me every other hour to listen to a song he’s enjoying…mmmm.

I miss the fella, just like mom would keep on saying. She would even keep hallucinating that she could hear his voice – and I would naturally get up and check 🙂 And then, at 2.00 pm, the signature tune for “aththi pookkal” would start and signal that it was time for her to tell me it is time to get ready to go pick him up  – with a rider “come back soon”.

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