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Back and forth, Past and Present.

Someone asked me if I was neglecting this blog. What a weird question. But I guess people have their own perspective about different things. After all, they only know what their eyes show them. Fact is – we’ve been busy with various wonderful things. 
One of the wonderful things that happened last week was the visit of Shnu’s mom and dad. We go wayyyy back – to 1987 when we first met Vishnu as a gorgeous 8 month old baby. Now I could just sit back and daydream…..which is what we all did when they visited. So many memories! We had a solid dose of nostalgia reminiscing about Mom. It was beautiful. 

Mom, even though she passed away on Feb 8, 2010, still seems to live with us in so many ways. After all, 46 years spent very close with a person who was not only a great individual, but also my Mom and best friend leaves its mark forever. And I love it. I know some people will talk about “moving on”. Of course we all move on. But there’s nothing wrong with dwelling on memories, especially when they make us happy. So, ting tong to those who disagree.
Oh, I bought “cheeselings” a couple of days ago and mmm…it took me right back to Vidur’s first birthday celebrations. What a lot of goodies we made! Mom insisted on doing everything herself – and that was a huge challenge considering she was just beginning treatment for her lung fibrosis after the bronchoscopy procedure. Gosh! we were not even sure if she would survive that, in her condition. So – when she wanted to make all the birthday snacks on Vidur’s birthday, we were slightly worried. Granted that I would be her shadow – still, we got worked up at the way she was hyper-excited. Well, as the doctor said, it all turned out for the good. Now we know that the next twelve years were a precious gift to us. As Vidur grew up, it used to be funny when he refused to eat anything from outside, insisting that he only wanted what Paati made. 
Cheeselings also take me back to my childhood – particularly when I was in the 6th Std, studying at Mount Mary Convent, Bandra, Mumbai – when Kumud “Miss”, my 4th std. class teacher was also my guardian. She used to make them for me in a big tin to take to school when I visited her over the weekend. I’d keep it carefully in my trunk – and share it with my friends.  All seems so comic now. Our hostel had the system of handing over snack tins to the sisters in charge. Everyday, during school recess, we had to go wait in line and have them hand out a portion of whatever was in our tin. Sometimes, mysteriously, it used to disappear or deplete. One of our seniors, Chandrakala, I remember her name was – taught us to smuggle our snacks past the sister-in-charge into our trunks :-). What fun it was! Here’s a pic of what’s now available and it is delightfully tasty.

I got that pic from – I know I could have clicked my own…but hmm…that would mean I  must take a break from writing.

Uh-Oh, looks like I have to, anyway.  I’ll be back soon.

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  1. Grandma’s are so wonderful. I have always felt that a woman loves her daughter’s son the most of all the love in universe 😉 I love visiting this blog. It is not like a place on compute but gives a feeling of visiting someone’s home.

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