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Back after a brief break

And what do I find? Good old Blogger has been up to more things than I – and I find a spanking new interface that looks much better than before. Hmm…I always wished I could see the entire post while writing rather than do the infinity scroll – and my wish is granted now. There probably was an option to do a full-screen post before, but I never got around to finding it out. Ah well, thank you, Google and Blogger.
In the meantime, Vidur and I have been having a great time; some people will go cliche-ing and say bonding and all that – but I’d say fun. And the month that Sury was away seems to have simply whizzed by, thanks to Skype and Gmail video chat that kept us in touch just like we were all together in the same room. 
We’ve had some lovely visitors too to keep us occupied – and of course, my terrific friends. Had a long convo with Uma, birthday girl the day before yesterday and she was in Mom-talk mood – we went over our being-neighbors fantasy, followed by our making-the-rounds-of-the-mall fantasy….signing off with a good laugh and no idea when we’d ever turn them into reality! Life is good, what can I say?
Sury got back yesterday and we actually went to get a film roll developed, since he carried our dear old Kodak camera. We decided he should get a camera phone, since he plans to get a new one anyway, so that it takes care of the photography bit, too. Yesterday was a really pleasant day – where we had some great food, lots of relaxation time and wonder of wonders, I also managed to finish my work commitment.We also watched a Columbo after ages, for me that is. 
Two days ago, I happened to browse Doordarshan and was stunned to find “Aadmi aur aurat” playing…and it took me back to that wonderful time when my Grandma and I watched it – I remember that we went ga ga over it, thinking it was one of the best movies ever made. The story is a fantastically simple one, poignantly stretching over the movie. Important learning points there. I loved watching the movie again. It is exciting to see that Doordarshan still shows “Khel Khiladi” “Chitrahaar” “Rangoli” etc. So much like comfort food! 
We got our first TV in time to watch the 1983 World Cup because my grandma was a big cricket fan, along with my uncles. Of course, there were barely any TV programs back then and naturally, we really looked forward to them – what a novelty. We even had a neighbor who would dress up specially and come watch in our house – because she believed that the TV folks could see her. Hmm. 🙂 Even in 1987 after Mom and I moved to Hyderabad, when we got our portable 14″ TV, I had to hold the antenna if I had any hopes of watching a full song on Chitrahaar, uninterrupted.
Cut to more than two decades later and we have practically unlimited channels in a variety of categories and genres. We have our own favorites of course. We tend to veer towards the who-dun-it type programs or mystery/crime thrillers. Good comedy is always welcome. I am catching bits and pieces of the auditions of “Sa re ga ma pa Lil Champs” and “X Factor” along with “So you think you can dance” and it is such fun. While some people will turn up their snooty noses at reality shows, I think there’s lots to know out there. I like the confidence the contestants show, and it is so heart-warming to see all that talent. Finally, entertainment is what appeals to an individual – and as I always like to say, different strokes for different folks. It is just that some people take forever to cultivate respect for others.
Heard this lovely song this morning:
And – while Googling for something, found this cute Google tribute to Les Paul on his 96th birthday.
Ok, Mi. Long day ahead with lots to do. Let us kick it off with another tumbler of kaapi.

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