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Fun Raising

Notice the absence of the “d” in the fun raising? Clever, no?  That’s what the week was like.
Quite a weekly wrap-up, this. Power-cuts galore and pending things lit matchsticks between my toes to go out there and get things done. We’re also enjoying some heavy rains. Enjoying if we’re indoors that is. Not so exciting when we’re outside getting drenched as the rain lashes. Definitely NOT enjoying if I am on the bike. 
When we ran from pillar to post to the corporation office trying to comply with various formalities to complete our application, even though it was hot and sweaty, there was always the threat of impending rain – and we got jhalaks of it in the form of gentle stray drops. After BBMP I also managed to get to the Amkette office to have the flash tv’s remote checked, and only on the way back home, barely a few yards from the gate, did the rain decide to fall. No, pour.  Although we got lots done  on Thursday,  there’s still something left. And that’s BBMP for you. No complaints though. Nothing we can’t sort out. Simple enough issue there.
In the meantime, Ms.Lizzie decided to show up – and also disappeared, leaving me to worry to death about when she’ll show up again. Oh wait, I just remembered that lizzies are hermaphrodites. Ugh. What I hate about them is the rate at which they seem to multiply. When I was talking to Amrut, he said let the lizzie be, claiming they eat up insects. What insects? No. I don’t want a lizzie housekeeping for me. Uck.
All this, close on the heels of our verandah adventure last Saturday morning with our pee-jan pigeons. You know, we have a longish verandah and in the middle, we’ve got pipes running against the wall all the way from the basement to the terrace. The lower part of this space is covered with a grill and the upper portion is open. Now – our pee-jans tend to go cuddle inside the grilled space. Nice and cozy. Their favorite dating spot, I am thinking. That morning, I had scraped the verandah floor to make it free from pigeon shit and washed it. I had also cleaned out that pipe area. 
Later in the day the pigeons got so noisy that I yelled at them from inside. Then Sury decided to go see – and found these two pigeons nestling next to the pipes. No amount of shoo-ing would get them out. When Sury tried to nudge them out – they just sat tight. One pigeon actually put its foot on the stick he was using. :-D. Then we thought sprinkling some water against the grill would make it fly off. Nothing. They enjoyed it like a rain dance. Then, Sury put the stick under the pigeon, where it sat tight and gently raised it from the grill out into the open. Only then it flew away, leaving its friend right there. We figured that they must have happily gotten into the grilled area – but were too dumb to fly off…and so Sury helped the second pigeon also out. 
We decided we should temporarily cover that pipe area and went and got a huge sheet of plastic from the garage and managed to fix it. We really missed Mom then – because she would have been full of ideas for this. Hmm. Now – the pigeons look at the sheet and go off, to shit in other parts of the verandah – which means essentially they continue to use the verandah as their potty.  They also sit on the sills of the ventilators above the windows. Any tiny ledge seems adequate for them to park on. Hmm. Crazy. Crazier still that they made it to my blog 😛
Jama Masjid, Delhi
It is not like I hate pigeons or anything. Just that I’d rather they didn’t hang out in my verandah, messing it up. When we visited Delhi in Dec 2010, I really enjoyed watching them at the Jama Masjid. – could have watched them for hours as they came to peck at the grain and then, flew off in huge clusters. Very peaceful. 
Talk of fun raising.
So we’re eagerly looking forward to Vidur’s summer vacation, with another couple of weeks to go before school closes for the holidays. 😀

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