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A milestone

March 1 marked a big milestone – with Mr Raghavan’s 70th birthday. A huge wave of affection washed over me thinking about the wonderful eleven years of being friends almost from the moment we met. Its been a lovely journey over the years with the mental sync. The ups and downs notwithstanding, we’ve grown closer. The next day was Maami’s birthday – and I did something my Mom would have really appreciated. I went and namaskaram-ed them both. Blessings – ashirvaadams are always priceless, as it is this goodwill that creates a protective aura around us to make us stronger.
Yesterday was Mahashivaratri – and I actually had people wishing me “happy Mahashivaratri” I found that quite cute. Well, I simply reminisced about the various Mahashivaratris we’ve experienced. Those days paati would make that special concoction with sweet potatoes and we’d love it. While she fasted, we would all enjoy special vegetable pulao on that day. Always found it funny that these “fasting” days always made me feel hungrier than usual. Funny, because on normal days we often miss a meal and don’t suffer for it.
We’ve started a fitness routine and hope to stick to it regularly 🙂 We probably will, because we’ve made the resolution together, voluntarily. And that’s usually the best way to do it, isn’t it? Reminds me of those summer holidays when we’d all take off early in the morning and walk around the area. What fun it was. On the return trip we’d shop veg and other essentials. When Vidur was very small, we’d take his pram along just so we could use it as a shopping trolley. Now its just Peggy without Mom.

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