Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

One year

As we look ahead, we keep looking back. I guess that’s natural to do – especially with someone like my Mom. Two days ago, we got a call from a peer of Sury’s – and it felt so nice. I remember years ago, when he visited us at home – Mom was her usual cheerful self, forever wondering what to do next. Sury introduced our visitor to Mom. And in the course of conversation, she had the pleasant surprise of realizing that he used to be a student at the school she taught, decades ago!  Even more exciting was the fact that he remembered her. So, the news that she was no more came as a shock to him

This morning, we remembered how we woke up on the morning of Feb 8, 2010 and had coffee with Gopu mama and were eager to get to the hospital. I believed that when Mama talked to her she might respond. Unfortunately, by the time we got there, her heart had stopped. Then came the scary prospect of bringing Vidur from school – and he was quite frozen at the sight of his beloved grandma’s serene face in death. She’d never hug, kiss or joke with him, play with him, bully him, laugh with him again.  When we think  back, we’re still shocked.

This morning, Anita phoned to tell me she was thinking of Mom, and that she had liked her so much. I was so touched that she remembered.

Yesterday evening, we bought flowers from our usual lady. She said – Mom was so fond of jasmine flowers and lovingly told me she was giving me ‘extra’ from her side. When I told her that it is going to be a year since Mom left us, she asked me if we could go to St.Johns and visit her, since I had told her we donated Mom to the medical college. Luckily her son gave her a long answer – and I made my exit with a bye-bye.

Ever the teacher, Mom always came up with solutions to everything. Blessed with an innate wisdom, she was also highly intuitive and somehow seemed to be able to predict many outcomes. She had a tough life, and only came out stronger for it, with a seemingly unlimited capacity to tolerate everything.

She’ll always be with me, ever ready with a hug and the spiritual coffee. When I am stuck with something and need some self-motivation going, I think of her – and feel totally inspired.

She always said – if we had the money for rituals, we should spend it on the living and needy, rather than perform rites that we didn’t fully understand. And following her wishes, that’s what we did. The mental peace is immense

Love you, Mom!.

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