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It feels great not to see the computer screen at all, except for a few minutes just to see if there’s any important mail. I’ve stayed away from the computer most of last week, and I must say it is very refreshing.

We are busy with the transition at work and with all the pressure, I thought it would be a good idea to cool off during the weekend, doing some long-pending part-spring-cleaning. In spite of on-going efforts, things seem to build up far more quickly than I can handle. What with work, lots of loose ends to tie up outside, some health setbacks – sometimes housework has to wait. In any case, mountains of paper have built up, nicely camouflaged wherever there’s space. Its good to have lots of space, but its not so good when a lot of unnecessary stuff simply builds up. Worse still, when it is all put away neatly.

I realized we needed to actually reconnoitre all our stuff and gosh, its a massive uphill task. But I’ve got to admit it is enjoyable! For one thing, as I go through the stacks and stacks of stuff – at least I tackle them one by one – I come across old letters, greeting cards – notes, etc. which make me feel really wonderful. One post card my uncle had written Vidur back in 2000 was so lovely. Vidur read it now and asked if it had been sent just like that….and I had to tell him its a self-stamped post-card – then he remembered seeing them. Imagine! We even found some of his diaries – Mom used to make him write everything he did on each day of his vacation – and some of it was hilarious. We came across some of his New Year resolutions – they had me laughing so much!

I also found my very first book – sleepy tales – only it looks so ancient now. Another few years and it would probably just fall apart. With it, was Spartacus, gifted to me on my birthday in 1971 by Ms.Rose, my class teacher. As I grew up, I remember reading the book several times – and also sketching Spartacus in different ways. Then I’d make up my own stories. I came across a poem I had published in our office magazine.

It was great to live in a different era temporarily, with the added benefit of disposing a lot of stuff and re-organizing the paper. Mom would have been such fabulous company – reminiscing together over all the stuff we reviewed – and keeping up the endless supply of kaapi.

I have miles to go before I sleep though.

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  1. Ahhh – screen-free time. I think my family should institute a day every week with some screen-free time, we’d probably all function much better 🙂

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