Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Getting there!

Been clutter-clearing with a vengeance. The big trigger was deciding to take time off work, which meant going offline and I’ve got to say that I am enjoying it very much. It has been a pretty good week so far, I must say. There have been some fruitful meetings at work over the transition. I attended the launch of a website whose content I wrote and got to see a fashion show in the process. It was good fun.

Home is actually looking more like home, with a lot of stuff out. Feeling quite gleeful about it. Now am confident that I’ll conquer my list, which shall become a mere to-do list from a too-much-to-do list! What with the loads of stuff to do – I am getting somewhat forgetful at times, so am writing it all down.

A big highlight of the week was receiving the books I was entitled to, as winner of BlogAdda’s My Oldest Book, Its Memories contest. Am totally overwhelmed – I had chosen Rohinton Mistry‘s “A Fine Balance” which I enjoyed tremendously when I first read it. I’d really love to collect all his books. Will have to wait until the used-good-condition books are available at Friends of Books – and I’ll treasure the one I’ve received now, forever. Thanks BlogAdda! again, for this memorable prize. Terrific feeling, indeed.

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By Saturday, I plan to give away the books I’ve packed for school, along with the sweaters and school bag. Many more miles to go before I sleep. I was telling Vidur how much I miss Mom; she’d keep us laughing with her comments, stories and coffee-punctuations. The best part would be the memory associated with how we acquired something – in fact, today as I looked for the juice glasses that came as a set with a jug for our wedding, I went through all the crockery and felt emotional, looking at the number of odd pieces we’ve collected, because we liked them. Mom and I actually used the tea set and we’d laugh over “high-tea” every day, enjoying biscuits and tea or coffee very sedately, with our mix-and-match tea-set.

Miss you, Mom, more than ever. You should see the kitchen now. You’d  love it. Sigh. It looks quite “palich”

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