Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Another eventful week!

So much has happened and not enough time to write it all here! But then, the whole purpose of this space is to “chat” with Mi – and I’ve actually been doing that, offline with my favorite folks – and that, I’d say, was the best thing ever. I absolutely took a week off from one of my jobs so I could focus on my ethics committee work. A hectic week again, with lots of outings – and plenty done. Lots of “quality time” with Vidur, too – that’s what they say these days, don’t they? He and I had fun looking through all of Mom’s diaries and books. Lots more to go through. (“lots” thrice too many times, eh??)

One of the things that freaked us out over the weekend was Shourie getting stuck in the Kailash lift. God knows how it came about, but three kids were stuck in the lift from around 5 pm in the evening until almost 8.30 pm, when they were extricated from it.

The delay was because it was Saturday – and it was difficult to find a carpenter or someone with a saw to cut the bars. Shourie’s little foot was stuck between the lift and the wall, making it an extremely difficult task to open the lift without hurting him. Well, not going into the gory details – but every inhabitant of our E & K apartments was thrilled when the kids were rescued. Poor Shourie had to be rushed to hospital because the tendons on his foot were exposed – and the doctors examined him. He had to have skin grafted on – poor baby. Barely 9 years old. Mischievous, at what cost!

We always get worked up to see these kids playing in the lift, running up and down and punching all the buttons on the keypad for fun. Scary experience. He’ll have to be in hospital for a week or ten days, depending on his recovery. Sigh!

In the meantime, our Pee-jans, while messing up our verandah as usual, also laid an egg there. Luckily I didn’t step on it. I managed to pick it up with gloves and place it in one of the flower pots outside. Hmm. Don’t know what happened after that. It rained quite heavily that evening, thankfully just after I got the clothes in.

Now, from next week on – oh heck. I just realized today’s only Monday! So I’ll have more winding up and tying up the ends to do this week…and then, yes, from next week on – will attempt living a “normal” life. :-D. A normal life is my current Holy Grail! At least I am enjoying hearing my phone ring, because I’ve set the ring tone to Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”. Tickles me to death. I did a real stupid thing, too, last week. But hey, that’s another story.

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