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One of mom’s favorite songs

She also liked the movie “Safar” a lot. Big fan of Sharmila Tagore for the lovely roles she has played. How we loved all those tear-jerker type movies! Not so much the movie itself – as the nostalgia and memories it creates for us. Now, we’ve watched “Do aankhen baarah haath” – and any time I see a scene from that movie, I’ll instantly recall how we all cried buckets when we listen to the song “Ae maalik tere bandhe hum” – ok – so my eyes immediately fill with tears whenever I even think of that song. It is one of my all-time favorite songs. Same with “Dosti

I love how some scenes, movies and dialogs become such family favorites that we adopt some of the phrases into our lives. Take “Jeeva” for instance. Absolutely insignificant if you look at it in terms of a Tamil serial character. But the impact on our lives? Well, this Jeeva was a character who got blamed for everything that could possibly be blamed on her, and for everything that could not be blamed on anyone else. So now we say – “what? I am Jeeva?” if we feel unjustified over something that’s blamed on us. Know what I mean?

This applies to family members’ standard phrases – for example – my fil saying “kudoo” when we offer something. We enjoy repeating it just like he says it 🙂 Like the song ” நெஞ்சமும் கனலாகி நீராகும் போது” –  not sure if that spelling is a 100% but this is a song from “kalayana parisu” that he has a cute way of singing – turning a sad song into a somewhat humorous rendition – humorous to us, at least. ;-). So basically – even things that may not seem very significant take on a big importance when we relate them to people/situations/events.

We’d refer to the “Michael Jackson hug” as in that scene from Remember the Time when the queen comes out and MJ and she hug practically without their bodies touching.  There was the “society kiss” – the air-kissing; Padma’s “2 minutes” that could stretch to an indefinite length of time. Sury’s “but not now”. Anand’s “not only but also”….

That list is endless. Makes you feel like you’re listening to code.

I love it all.

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