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Mixed week

Pongal came and went. We made venn pongal and chakkara pongal. I kept imagining that Mom was telling me something or other from the other room. Sigh. We all remembered how we sat together and enjoyed the festival food, vadai and all – last January. What an atmosphere Mom would have created. This year it was low-key although we did all the right things.

Yesterday I really, really missed Mom while doing the Kanu. I missed her putting the “manjal” on my forehead. I missed how we would keep giggling throughout the process of serving the left over pongals, kum kum rice, turmeric rice, curd rice on the turmeric leaves, chanting “kaakka pudi, kannu pudi, kaakkakkum kuruvikkum kalyanam.”. Yeah right. The crow or sparrow never eat it. For one thing, there are no sparrows around. The crows – well – they’re not interested in this fare. After we leave it out on the terrace it is the pigeons and the squirrels that finish it off – to some extent.

I always thought it weird that on other days, as soon as we cook, the first ladle of rice, with some dal and ghee is served to the crow. And the day after Pongal – it gets leftovers? Really strange.  But the concept behind the kaakka-kuruvi kalyanam is that people should live in harmony just like the crow and sparrow.

After the Kanu we went over to Gayatri’s house and had a lovely lazy day. Got back home 4.30 ish and then got on with our day.

Today’s a busy day with the CLINICOM meeting, attending a shaadi and meeting writing work deadlines. I’ve also got to make that carrot halwa. Just as we were leaving for school, the neighbor told us that Mr Dixit had passed away. So sad. He was a sweet person. May his soul rest in peace. What a year it has been so far. First Mr Gulvady and now Mr Dixit. Can’t help thinking back about this time last year, when we were full of hope and feeling quite happy.

We’ve got to plan the dates for Feb.

Now I’ll go have coffee.

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