Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Mental Flashbulb

…just went off! Strangely, in spite of having a long to-do list and in spite of ticking off quite a few tasks, I still have that miles-to-go-before-I-sleep-ish kind of feeling – although I do know I ought to be rather satisfied with what I completed. Odd.

I pondered over this – and have come to the temporary conclusion that I haven’t been doing some of my routine activities. For instance, almost the whole of last week –

  • I did not read a book (novel)
  • I did not stop at the supermarket on the way back from school, like I often do
  • I did not drop off books at school as I had planned to
  • I even postponed the carrot halwa over the weekend because we were out visiting and attending shaadis

I could probably think of many more things I intended to do, but did not. Funny thing is, regardless of this quasi-guilt, my to-do list keeps growing like Hanuman’s tail – and I have accomplished some serious work. Read “serious” as satisfactory. Hmm. Guess that’s enough sometimes. I certainly have no complaints. Just a question of priorities. Moreover, am pretty sure I will finish everything on the list.

While returning from the last CLINICOM meeting, Vidhya told me that we’ve got to go change the Khata – and do a transfer. Now that’s a process. I’ve got the forms and have to get stuff ready. Then, I had to regularize/reactivate stuff at the bank, which I did in three visits. Now I’ve got to tackle some insurance related stuff. Have to get documents ready for another transfer, as well. Never-ending it seems. Good old Peggy days. Miss them.

I particularly miss the early mornings when I’d wake up and sit to work around 5 am. Then Mom would wake up and start the coffee around 6.15 am – and 15 minutes later, would come and pull the curtain aside – and smile and ask “kaapi?” And I’d wind up what I am doing for the moment. We’d enjoy our sacred morning coffee together – about five minutes – and then go into the kitchen to start the breakfast/lunch routine. 

She would have loved the carrot halwa if she’d been around. 🙁

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