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Just HAD to share this!

One of MY favorite songs. Never fails to make me cry. Here it is: enjoy.

Movie: Do aankhen baarah haath

The male version:

The Lata version: full song:

Most of all, I am overwhelmed how my folks call me urgently if this song is on the radio or TV.

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2 thoughts on “Just HAD to share this!

  1. I distinctly recollect that I cried unconsolably when I saw the movie at the Gaiety Talkies, Trichy in the late 1960s when the film DO ANKHEIN BHARAH HATH was released first.
    Verily, Latha has poured out her soul in this song. Perhaps the only songs of Latha herself could match this, are 1.sajan sangh kaa he. 2. jyoth kalash 3. alla tera naam.
    Lathaji lulls us into cloud nine where we are just ower awed by her brilliance.
    subbu rathinam

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