Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

Coffee With Mi

This morning my coffee filter acted smart. Just refused to get that decoction out, you know? Ok…it filtered enough for Sury’s coffee and went on a strike after that. I remember Mom used to always say we should go by our filter’s behavior when we view people. She was kidding of course – but I couldn’t help recalling how she would insist that if the filter behaved well, they’re nice. If not, hmm….well. If we go by that theory, then maybe the coffee filter is upset with me. 😀 With good reason, I’d say. Overworked, would be one.

Ah well. I gave it a good talking to – and showed it the Bru instant coffee sachets I bought yesterday. Nasty thing to do I know….but what to do? Sury remarked that maybe it is aging? The Filter I mean? As if! It is only about forty years old. How can a coffee filter age? (By the way, I can’t seem to type f i l t e r. Every time it comes out as fitler.)

Slowly recovering from the cold/flu/cough thingy. The lethargy that sets in is the worst. So in some sense, I am happy for all the routine things I have to do, rather than sit and stare at the wall. Yesterday, being Thursday, was the day of the weekly meeting and we had a perfect 10. We even took a group photo.

The next exciting thing yesterday was to come up with my first post in a series of three at in their BRAGBIN event, in which they kindly asked me to be the first blogger. I felt quite honored. More fun was getting friends to write four lines about me. Obviously couldn’t post all of them – but it was a great exercise.

Now – trying to make that list for 2011 – major things to do. I got a nice diary thanks to Mr Arun Madhavan and plan to make good use of it. Ha ha to electronic gadgets. It is the good old one side rough paper for drafting stuff and a diary to record it in.

Also looking forward to work. Thanks, Mom. I mean, God.

Here’s a random of Vidur and me together – mobile phone picture.

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