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Best bums

“Mummy, are we best bums?” is the cute question Vidur asked me yesterday. Of course I said “yes” right away, mainly because I found the question so hilarious. What triggered it, though?

As usual, after dinner, we all settled down to do our respective things before hitting bed time. Around 9-ish, the program I was watching on Sony TV – CID Gallantry awards – got over and I thought I’d check if there was anything interesting enough to keep in the background while I finished some work – when I came across Kabhi Kabhie – the movie.

Almost half the movie was over – yet I was curious to watch it for a while. Took me right back to those 70’s when we all sported the Neetu Singh hairstyle with short hair in front and two plaits – and were all in love with Rishi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan. 100% nostalgia value. And those dialogs – especially where Rishi introduces himself to Deven Verma at the construction site – saying “Vikram Khanna urf Vicky” and Deven Verma promptly replies – Vicky ko dicky mein phenko aur urf ko barf me dalo – or something like that. We used to love to repeat all those dialogs. We wrote all the song lyrics in our rough book at school. And those clothes Neetu wears! Can’t imagine we actually wore clothes like that, too! Still, what fun it all was – and what fun to recall it all now.

I was telling Vidur about these things, and I suspect he was trying to visualize what he was hearing. Naturally I told him about Jaimini and Sunita – how we used to spend time in each others houses during vacation time, etc. And I said that Jaimini and I were bum chums.

And that is where the “are we best bums” question came from. 😀 Charmed, aren’t we?

Oh yeah – as they say  in the movie – Love is Life. 😀

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