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A Family Affair

Am not talking of an event. Come to think of it, this is bigger than an event, because an event invariably has a fixed time, while this family affair is a bit of a variable. We are all lovingly sharing a cold, cough, sore throat, very thoughtfully kicked off by Dr Sury. Vidur enthusiastically followed suit – and now both are on a course of antibiotics. Me – well, as usual, I can’t make up my mind whether I need the antibiotic and am just trying to be unusual by running a fever and a bad cold.

Still, I must say that there’s nothing like some routine physical labor to feel good, if not better. This morning, I was up as usual – although I was a bit nervous about whether I’d able to wake up on time, and ending up checking the clock several times. Anyway, we were all up – had our coffee and did all the usual morning routine things that make a work day what it is – and I thought, when I return from dropping Vidur at school, I’ll just lie down for an hour and get up refreshed to tackle the day. But I am glad I didn’t and I’ll tell ya why.

My mind, first of all, was brimming over with a list of things to do. The kitchen sink doth overfloweth like the dickens. There were loads of clothes to wash. So – the domestica kept me from bed. I thought, why not clear up this stuff – nothing like housework to enjoy instant results….and got to it. And am a happier person. Then, one of my favorite persons, Uma called – and my cup ranneth over. We had a nice time remembering Mom because she would have come up with solutions to most of our problem. The benefit of wisdom!

Now I have the happy job of thinking of more pleasant things – lots of writing to do, even if I may not be doing it here – I’ll post the links.

What can I say, if it weren’t for the wonderful people in my life, I’d be burned toast. Uck. I prefer my toast golden brown with butter. And I have miles to go before I sleep!

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