Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

That four-letter word again!

Still paying the price for taking that one-week break! 😀 – Saturday and Sunday were nice – of course Vidur had the usual rush-rush Saturday with full day school and music class immediately thereafter. Spent Saturday mass-deleting email – and Sunday – still catching up on pending work, which had not only piled up, but was ever-growing.  

Not that I am worked up about it, though. Had the usual Monday morning – when I drop Vidur off at school and come back and turn the house upside down. Cheapest stay-fit routine, you see, with benefits. Last Monday – more than usual, because we were away for a few days – and had to change all the curtains, covers and sheets. Oh, what a time-burner that is. The clock seems to move magically, particularly with housework! The Monday gone by was far cooler, what with Vidur also having a holiday with Rajyotsava. We had a relaxed day catching up with our usual stuff.

Now of course, am over the hill (ha, ha) and rolling down again. Naturally, what goes up must come down and what goes down must go right back up. 

There’s a four letter word for it – LIFE. 

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Vidya Sury

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