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Seems like I didn’t exist

What with the on-going root canals – Sigh. It felt as though I did not exist at all. Life was a series of dentists’ visits, shuttling between two clinics depending on where they were consulting for the day, and doing the usual household stuff like cooking, etc. While that alone would be routine, I also developed a huge cold and sore throat. And that’s what seemed to get me really down. Consequently, I actually slept in the afternoons, being unable to sit up. That helped, with the medications which may not have let me do anything useful, anyway.

Okay, I lied when I said I was non-existent. I did have great fun being judge of the BlogAdda Good over Bad contest. And read some fab blogs in the process. There was FaridaUgich KonitariTulika – and many more wonderful bloggers.

Miss my mom, though. I remember that time I developed a massive catch in my back – and seriously thought I might die. My life flashbacked before my eyes. 😀 But mom, our very own Florence Nightingale, got out the hot pack and applied it. Sigh. I even took a painkiller and did not know when I drifted off. Two hours later, I felt alive again. Scary moments, those.

Now I want to tell anyone who’ll listen that you should get a dental check up every year, at least, even if you think you’ve got no probs. Dental health means overall health, you know? The Rs.200 you spend on the check up (okay, also the waiting :-)) is far better than waiting for it to develop into a root canal and thousands spent. PLUS the waiting. So I caught up on various things like reading, planning stuff, making lists while I waited. I also deleted three month-old sms on my mobile 😀 But that need not happen – you know what I mean?

Ok. Off for a coffee. I just read it boosts the memory. 😛

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