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Reliance BIG TV, BIG mistake

We recently had a huge prob with a DTH connection – Reliance BIG TV. Well, BIG mistake, more like it.

We decided to go in for it, lured by the extra channels and the option to view channels we wanted – and only pay for those. Ha. We ended up not watching any – because getting the damn thing installed itself was quite tortuous. Their website is not clear about many things – and their customer service is crap. After a lengthy interactive toll-free number call – a rep finally comes on. This rep could be from their prepaid services also – and one has to be prepared to narrate the problem to at least 6 reps before being told to hold on, indefinitely! At the end of the call, which usually ended with me hanging up on them, frustrated, there’s no solution to the problem. Disgusting!

I can’t figure out why these huge companies shoot their mouths off about what they can do – and once the sale is made – there ends the relationship. Hundreds of phone calls later and hours of collective minutes waiting and holding a call, and millions of “sorry for the inconvenience” later, we decided to get rid of it. We have a better option from our faithful ole cablewala now. Sigh. Finally problem solved.

Anyway – if mom had been here….she would have enjoyed Podhigai and the entire bunch of tamil channels. By the way, Mi – UTV movies is back. 🙂 I soo remember one day when she forced me to sit and watch a movie I wanted to while she finished off something I had started in the kitchen…

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