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My cup runneth over…

Today, is a big day. Very big. Vidur, my baby, turns 13. Hear the echo? It goes ….teen, teen, teen!! What a life-changing moment, for him and for us! It brings back all the wonderful memories of all his birthdays, spent with my mom – who really believed in creating an ‘atmosphere’ of celebration around the house, bustling about, at least mentally, if not physically. Today seemed quite low-key, probably because Vidur did not give us a big wish-list. In his typical style, his ‘wants’ were minimal – and he couldn’t think of any big thing to ask for, God bless him.

Happy Birthday, Vidur!!

For my part, I’ll make his favorite stuff. I made a resolution long ago never to speak harshly to him, and today I will renew that resolution, because sometimes I am sure I’ve lapsed – just giving in to pressure. Ah. I am remembering his first birthday today, when we had over a hundred and fifty guests. Luckily, we were well prepared, what with Mom going berserk with home made stuff as well as the carefully planned party. Totally memorable. Even Vidur’s pediatrician, my gynae and mom’s chest physician turned up with their families in full force bearing gifts.

Vidur’s second birthday was in Bangalore – and we had just moved into the house we live in today. We made loads of kaju burfi that we distributed to the neighbors. Vidur and mom went for long walks and had come across the Nightingales Center – and would sometimes stop to talk to the people strolling around. Vidur insisted on taking sweets for them as well. The third birthday was at Lovett, the play school. We had a party at home, as well and invited over fifty people, including his teachers and classmates, who made it a great day to remember.

The fourth and fifth birthday were at Hymamshu, where he studied LKG and UKG. From his sixth birthday, it has been at KVIISc. The sixth birthday, in the first standard was also a memorable one – we had gotten apple shaped steel plates for each of his classmates and had a jolly time packing them individually with a peda in each, rather than chocolates. I still have a few plates left over, that act as emergency gifts in unexpected situations. In any case, we always stock something for different age groups – standard operating procedure!!

This year, while praying for Vidur’s happiness on his birthday, I really feel sad that Mom is not around to see him…I can’t remember the number of times I must have asked her, “don’t you want to see Vidur rushing home with his tenth std. results”, each time she felt miserable on the health front when she went through a lot of pain…and she would nod vigorously and say yes.  I am sure she is watching over him all the time. She’d be proud of her little baby.

Vidur shares his birthday with Sri Sai Baba – and I remember, the day he was born…so many people at the hospital peeped in to see him – looking serene and both his little hands showing a mudra. At that moment, mom was pretty sure (as I suspect most grandmoms are) that Vidur is destined to be great. Thathaastu. Today, I wish Vidur a very happy birthday, and wish that he gets all that he wants in life. From his amazing and steady interests ranging wild life, Mariamma (Goddess Durga), Mythology, and a deep love for 1930s and 1940s music artists, we have had a fantastic time with him in our lives.

As we opened the newspaper this morning, we were thrilled to see that my other baby J Vishnuvardhan’s name in the papers    – here’s the news pic  titled “Winning combination: Tennis players Sania Mirza and Vishnu Vardhan after winning their mixed doubles quarterfinals at the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China, on Saturday”

Vishnu – we are so proud of you. I wish ”Aanthy” could see you now – you’ll have to make do with “Chia” I’ll make “Shwee” for you and we’ll think of you as we enjoy it! God bless your parents! I fondly remember years of rushing back home to be with him 😀 – we met him when he was just eight months old!! What a wonderful kid. I don’t mind repeating – I always thought if I had a kid, he should be just like Vishnu. 100 % credit to his parents! Oh wait, let me call them!!

Ah. Did and had a lovely conversation.

God, thanks!

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  1. Made me tear up. You guys are doing a great job of raising wonderful men. Kudos.

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