Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!


As I chill with a big tumbler of filter kaapi, nice cold Monday morning here with the promise of rain.  Tamil Nadu is apparently awash with the government declaring a holiday for all schools and colleges. Guess its okay for office-goers to suffer.  I mean, what about the working people who have kids? But who am I to ask? Hmm.

Closer home, Vidur decided to bunk today. Some pain in the legs. 🙂 I did mention to him yesterday that if Monday was anything like Sunday in terms of weather, he could skip school.  Hmm.

On a different note – someone is freaking me out since the last few days.  Just because I am too nice (maybe) and polite – does not mean I will help people live their lives by sharing their stuff – all the time. Just because I am a freelance writer need not mean that I will take on the whole world’s content and rewrite it for them. Oh, wait, maybe I would, if they paid me for it – let’s be realistic! Hmm.

So – coming back to the current situation – this person – nice enough, pops up and asks me if I could help rewrite something. I say okay. Basically – no big deal. But looks like I’ve set the pace for regular consultancy over all this person’s online activities. Free. Please. Not a guru, am I? (okay, don’t answer that!) I suppose it’s my fault for doing it first time. I mean, sharing knowledge is no big deal, right? Or so I thought. Once you are helpful, they take it for granted that you’re always available to answer just about any question they throw at you, any time.  Hmm.

Maybe I should package what I know and sell it? Good thought, there, probably a big business idea in the making. People seem to be highly successful doing it with much less. Hmm! I can see my Mom laughing her head off at this ranting.

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