Dear Mi

I was away for five days and kept thinking about how I would keep regaling my Mom with every little detail of the trip. The Third National Bioethics Conference at the AIIMS in Delhi was the reason for my five-day break. It was a great learning experience with the added advantage of gaining some actionable info – which is the best thing that could come out of a forum like that.

The conference sessions were great and it was a really nice trip.

I am having an award ceremony for Sury for managing much better than I do 🙂 when I was away.
Vidur gets no award, because he’s always a sweetie.

Tomorrow is a big day, though – and I wish Mom was here with us to celebrate it.

Now that I am back, I post little updates of my trip while juggling the work overload that has comfortingly piled up for me 😀

Viva Delhi.

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