Unofficially official

Oct 15 was my mother’s official birth date. Those days – it was customary to backdate someone’s birthday so they didn’t have to wait to enroll in school. This was supposed to help overcome the age shortfall and make up the cut-off date. So although Mom was actually born on April 15, in her school records, it was October 15. So – I’ve been receiving birthday messages on my phone today, from all those institutions that have it on record – and care to send a message.

We used to make a big deal of it – more fun. Last year, we got a birthday cake (black forest) and we all enjoyed it tremendously together. We sang. Vidur made a card.

Years ago – one year – when we were somewhat broke –  we made idlies and stuck a tiny candle in one idli, and sang happy birthday. Rice cake, no?

Now she is not around to laugh with us.

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