Coffee With Mi

Mi, I toast you with a tumbler of freshly brewed kaapi!

The Saga continues.

And saga it is. 🙂

Sid woke up and sent someone to patch up the grouting.
Bigtv has promised to send someone to finish the installation.

Now my job is to ensure these promises are actually kept – and finish all my pending work by the weekend.

Maybe the week after next, we’ll thinking of painting The Wall. Been real keen on painting part of one wall a nice brick red. Also have to touch up some parts that got a little damaged thanks to a major pipe leak last year, which we never got around to doing. Then we put it off because of rainy weather – which is an awful time to paint walls. That smell never seems to exit our system.

Reminds me of the time in AWHO when our landlord had to have the flat inspected by a loan officer, as he had applied for a loan, and wanted to get a fresh paint coat on the walls in a hurry. It was pouring outside and these painters landed up, pushed all our stuff to the middle of the room and before we got over it, had finished painting one room! Must have been real good paint, because some of the streaks never went off one of our cupboards for a long long time until I scraped it away. 😀 and left scratches there to remind me.

Memories are a funny thing. I saw a huge aquarium in Vidur’s school’s entrance hall yesterday, and suddenly remembered how he used to gaze at it when he first joined the school. He’d want to see it every single day – so fascinating were the fish. And I remembered the huge glass tank Sanjeevi and I carried on his bike, all the way from Basheerbagh over Tank Bund Road to their home in Marredpally – at various points during that ride we were sure we’d drop it. It was supposed to be a big surprise for his wife.

And what about that ride from Monda Market to AWHO with Lakshmi holding an aluminum trunk sitting pillion on my Hero Puch? Uff. Then we set off to an office party after that.

Memories, I guess are a handy storehouse of laughs – depending on which ones we choose to remember.

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